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Ferrox is a privately held British Virgin Island (BVI) company that is the parent-company and majority shareholder of Tivani (Pty) Limited – South Africa.

Titanium Dioxide:

  • TiO2 pigments account for 94% of mineral sales
  • 57% of that into paint industry; balance in paper, plastics, cosmetics
  • $10 billion industry
  • Major TiO2 pigment producers are: DuPont, Huntsman, Cristal Global, Kronos and Tronox
  • Demand expected to double by 2015

Ilmenite concentrate:

  • Ilmenite concentrate had a wide range of uses that is based on its underlying content of TIO2
  • Low-TiO2 content ilmenite (35% to 50% TiO2) is generally used for economic titanium slag production
  • Consumers of ilmenite concentrate will either convert the product to titanium slag or synthetic rutile

Iron Ore/Pig Iron/Steel:

  • Iron used mostly to make steel
  • Recent surge of activity and price increases
  • Long-term demand for steel expected to continue to grow with China and emerging markets leading the way, including the African continent

Vanadium Pentoxide and Vanadium Metal:

  • 85% of demand (and growing) is from various forms for strengthening steel. China is mandating higher quality and driving the growth.
  • Also used in catalysts and new demand is emerging from next generation lithium/vanadium rechargeable batteries
  • The market has 4 major vanadium producers namely Evraz, Rhovan, VVP, and China. Other role players include Teibacher and Windamurra.


  • Demand in the agribusiness, fertilizers is at new highs as populations increase
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