Tivani Project Overview

Project Overview

Located in the mining friendly Limpopo Province South Africa, ~340 km northeast of Johannesburg

Region of existing mining and smelting operations with low-moderate regulatory risks.


Existing road, rail, port, electricity and water accessibility (will require some upgrades)

Near and Long Term Mining Plan

Ferrox is targeting to put Tivani in production in near term for sands and weathered rock operations; this will transition to a larger term mining operation extracting hard-rock.

Conventional Project – No New Technology

Open pit loading and hauling operations, preceded by drilling and blasting. Smelt tests have proven TiO2 Slag and Pig Iron production

Incorporated in 2006, Ferrox Holdings Ltd. (“Ferrox”) is a British Virgin Island (“BVI”) company currently developing the mining and
production of titanium products, iron and vanadium, through its world-class titanium ilmenite ore mining deposits in South Africa
 Ferrox owns 100%, Ferrox Holdings (Lux) SA., a Luxemburg incorporated company.
 Ferrox owns the Tivani Mining Deposit (“Tivani Deposit” or the “Deposit”), its flagship asset with significant existing work and
development done to-date, located in the mining-friendly Limpopo Province of South Africa

 The Tivani Project is favourably located in an area well known for its mining and smelting operations, and is 338 km from
Johannesburg, 371 km from the nearest deep water port, which is in Maputo (Mozambique), and 90 km to the Phalaborwa site of
existing smelting operations

 Extensive preparation work and studies have been done by the Ferrox team, with over USD 65 million of already invested in the
development work of the asset, including on the geology, mine planning, mineral processing alternatives, potential product sales,
corporate social responsibility with the local communities and the legal licensing aspects in a South Africa context
 Titanium products: various forms of titanium dioxide (TiO2)

 Iron products: pig iron
 Other mineral products: vanadium, phosphates

Board of directors and management overview

The team at Ferrox consists of a number of highly experienced individuals, who have a steady track record of developing mining
assets, minimizing risks and achieving an attractive shareholder return
 Ferrox’s Management Team and Board have extensive mining and industrial expertise. They have successfully put mining and
processing assets into production and operations with a strong exit track record

 The team is very hands-on and has developed the business plan for Ferrox in a modular way, to be able to quickly put the asset into first production and hence significantly de-risking the operations

Mining strategy outline

Ferrox plans to extract ore from surface operations utilising the services of a mining contractor for the mining operations
 Ferrox’s operational team has already been in advanced discussions with various local mining contractors. MRD Mining Solutions has been earmarked as the contractor
 The mining method considered for the Project is conventional open pit mining using truck and excavator combinations
 This is a conservative mining method which well-established with a proven track record in similar operations. The picture to the right is an example of an open pit truck and excavator operation.
 The weathered material, approximately 25 m to 40 m deep, will not require blasting and will be removed by an excavator and loaded into haul trucks.
 The fresh rock will require blasting. Drill rigs will be used to drill blast holes to be charged with explosives and blasted.
 The blasted material will then be removed by an excavator and loaded into haul trucks.

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